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Fly BoldFly CMS Yes, we're still the same company--with a new brand, new services, and new systems. In fact, we have re-engineered just about everything. Learn more »


Fly creativePenguinsWe do, however, know quite a bit about giving lift to churches' external communication efforts. Here is why this sort of work matters.
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Church Postcards

Yes! We still do postcards. Better than ever, we hope. Use an existing sample we've developed, have us print your own card design, or we'll design a custom cards. Learn more »

Church Logo Design

We love designing logos for churches. Logos are foundational to your brand communication because they remind people of your church's promise.  Learn more »

Church Branding

Branding. It's not just for business anymore. In fact any organization that cares about how it is perceived by the outside world will ignore brand-centric thinking at its own risk.  Learn more »

Church Web Design

One fiftieth of a second. That's how fast users' first impressions can be formed. And we all know how central the Web has become to people's decision-making.  Learn more »

Print Collateral & More

If you can dream it, we can do it. Brochures, Capital Campaign Materials, Church Launch publicity, ads, banners, and more. Please call us, we'd to love hear what you are thinking.  Learn more »

Our Staff. Your Staff. One Team.

In other words, more is less.

cmoImagine having a team of designers, project managers, and creative thinkers as part of your ministry team. Imagine a team of people who “get” what you’re trying to accomplish, who can bring energy and expertise to your vision for ministry.  Imagine what you could accomplish with this team’s support as you engage those beyond your walls. 

Now, imagine having access to that team – with all of it’s expertise and ability – at a fraction of the cost of a single staff person.

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Flying Below the Radar?

Fly with us, we'll pay for the fuel.

Flying Below the Radar?Let's give lift to your church communications. Too often, churches make the assumption that people are "deciding not to show up." For many churches, it might be better stated "they don't even know we exist." Or, put differently, "We aren't even on their radar."

It is clear that people in your community cannot visit your church until they are aware it exists. That is why we do what we do. We want to help churches communicate the greatest message ever with ever-increasing creativity and relevance.

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